Q. How do you inform parents and dancers of upcoming events?

A. Newsletters are emailed each month. The current month's newsletter will be posted on the Studio bulletin board located in the waiting room and also on this website under "Newsletters" in the above task bar.

Q. What does my dancer need to wear to class?

A. Coming to class in appropriate clothes, shoes and hair not only helps your dancer feel more prepared for class but also allows the instructor to clearly see the dancer’s body alignment in order to teach proper technique. Shoes must fit correctly and must not be purchased with "room to grow". Poorly fit shoes encourage bad habits and can hinder the growth of a dancer's foot. Too large a shoe will hamper dance technique and too small a shoe can injure growing feet.

Here is the Dress Code for classes:

Tip Toe Combo
Bodysuit (can also wear a skirt - attached or pull on is acceptable), pink tights, pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes. Hair worn up and off the face.

All Ballet classes

Bodysuit (no visible undergarments), pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Hair worn up in a bun.

All Jazz classes
Bodysuit and tights or fitted top and leggings or dance shorts. Black jazz shoes. Hair worn up and off of the face.

Hip Hop
Dance clothing or sweat/track/yoga pants (NO jeans allowed) and clean, non-marking indoor running shoes. Dancers will NOT be allowed to wear outdoor shoes in the studio. Hair up and off the face.

Jazz shorts or fitted capris, a form fitting tank top and black lace up tap shoes. Hair up and off the face.


Bodysuit or fitted top and leggings or dance shorts and bare feet or half soles. Hair up and off the face.

Boys: Jazz/Tap/Ballet

White T-shirt, black shorts or jazz pants, black ankle socks, black Jazz shoes, black Tap shoes, black Ballet shoes.



Q. Is there a Lost & Found at the studio?

A. Yes! There is a Lost & Found bin in the waiting area at the studio. Be sure all of your dancers clothing and shoes are labelled. 

Q. Where can I buy dance clothing and shoes?

A. Locally, you can purchase dance clothing and shoes at the Turning Pointe Dance Store located in the office. Store hours are: Monday - Thursday 2:00 - 6:00pm.

Q. Can I observe my dancers class(es)?

A. We do not have parents stay and observe regular classes. Experience has shown us that most dancers focus better on what is being taught when there is not the distraction of observers. 

Q. What happens on Recital Week?

A. Recital Week is an exciting time for al students and families! It will include:

  • Photo Day - We will host a day for our students to have individual and group photos taken in their costumes. If opting not to purchase photos, all students are encouraged to participate in their group photo.
  • Student Appreciation - to thank our students for their continued hard work and commitment to themselves, their classmates, and our studio, we will host Student Appreciation Day where all students are invited to enjoy a BBQ hot dog and drink.
  • Year End Recital - As the season come to an end, the year-end recital allows family and friends to enjoy and celebrate the hard work of students by showcasing their improved technique and stage presence.

Q. What is the Year End Recital?

A. The Year End Recital is held at the end of our dance year and allows the dancers a chance to display their accomplishments for the year and experience performing on stage. This is an integral part of their dance training and it is a lot of fun! It is not mandatory to be in the Recital, but it is an invaluable and rewarding experience which we highly recommend.

Q. What about costumes for the Year End Recital?

A. Each dance class prepares a number to perform in the Year End Recital. You will be responsible for the cost of your dancer's costume for each class they are in. The cost per costume is $73.50 due no later than November 16th 2017. Your dancer's instructor will arrange costume orders or for a local seamstress to make them.